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Showcase #2: Narrative Complexity and the Active Audience

“While fan cultures have long demonstrated intense engagement in storyworlds, policing backstory consistency, character unity, and internal logic in programs like Star Trek and Dr. Who, contemporary programs focus this detailed dissection onto complex questions of plot and events in … Continue reading

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Showcase #1: Transmedia Trends and Hypermediacy

Max Dawson writes that we must evaluate the perception that digital shorts reflect “the television industry’s desire to give web viewers what they want” against its prominence as “television promotion”. One possible means of evaluating a network’s motive for engaging … Continue reading

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On Blake O’Neill’s ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright – Mad Men S01E13’ Really cool post, you really come to appreciate just how vast your analysis of Don’s character and past is after reading the entire article. Reflecting on all you’ve written … Continue reading

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Week Ten Reflections

On the surface, reality TV seems superficial in content and narrative compared to the ‘quality TV’ programs briefly examined in recent posts. This is to say, according to lecturer Brian Morris: reality TV is traditionally connoted as being “low brow” … Continue reading

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